General Info

Our API uses a modified and extended version of trezor/blockbook and is compatible with existing clients. You can access a specific blockchain by providing its name as a URL parameter.

This enables the use of existing API clients made for Blockbook that also work with our API, like:

# The "/api" part of the URL can be omitted (still there for legacy clients):
'/ethereum/api/v2/sendtx' == '/ethereum/v2/sendtx'

# Example requests

# Get a block from the Bitcoin blockchain (with 10 txs per page)

# Broadcast transaction to the Litecoin blockchain

Always use HTTPS when making requests! Making an HTTP request will redirect you to HTTPS but your API key made it to us unencrypted which is not good.

Common principles used in API V2

  • All crypto amounts are transferred as strings, in the lowest denomination (satoshis, wei, …), without decimal point
  • Empty fields are omitted. Empty field is a string of value null or β€œβ€, a number of value 0, an object of value null or an array without elements. The reason for this is that the interface serves many different coins which use only subset of the fields. Sometimes this principle can lead to slightly confusing results, for example when transaction version is 0, the field version is omitted.
  • Optional URL parameters can be specified in the query string like this: