Get a Block Transaction

Get a transaction in a block by its Transaction Identifier. This endpoint should only be used when querying a node for a block does not return all transactions contained within it. All transactions returned by this endpoint must be appended to any transactions returned by the /block method by consumers of this data. Fetching a transaction by hash is considered an Explorer Method (which is classified under the Future Work section). This method can be used to let consumers to paginate results when the block trasactions count is too big to be returned in a single BlockResponse. Calling this endpoint requires reference to a BlockIdentifier because transaction parsing can change depending on which block contains the transaction. For example, in Bitcoin it is necessary to know which block contains a transaction to determine the destination of fee payments. Without specifying a block identifier, the node would have to infer which block to use (which could change during a re-org). Implementations that require fetching previous transactions to populate the response (ex: Previous UTXOs in Bitcoin) may find it useful to run a cache within the Rosetta server in the /data directory (on a path that does not conflict with the node).

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